Since January, Phil Cook and our Decoration Squad have been curating a 16-day VE Day programme, though that is now stripped back to a Virtual event. Then, a week ago, Phil had an idea…!

Could we use some of our Wakefield Council grant to buy a board and paints then ask local artist, @Rachel List to do an 8′ x 4′ artwork, blending together VE Day, Capt Tom and the NHS? Rachel gladly agreed and she’s delivered this piece perfectly, which is now mounted for a short while on the Dispensary; a fitting location for now. A permanent home will be found later which will protect it from the weather. We can’t thank Rachel, RadGurlToTheRescue enough.

Pontefract Civic Society is therefore pleased to bring to you:

‘VE Day in Lockdown’
A celebration of wartime spirit and heroes, providing hope and drawing on the comparisons to modern day hardship.

We’re also thankful to Pontefract Heritage Partnership, and Chris Taylor, MD Tracked Spider Solutions (one of our business members) for helping with the installation.

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