Letter of support to Andrew Percy MP (Brigg & Goole)

I am contacting you in my capacity as President of Pontefract Civic Society and in the context of the Goole – Leeds Railway service. In our dealings with Goole Civic Society, we have been made aware of concern about the poor quality of this service which, by any standard, is not fit for purpose and this is a concern which we also share.

We are delighted to learn of funding that has been awarded by the Government to the town of Goole and the wish to improve this service as part of the regeneration of the town. The restoration of this service has long been part of our transport strategy, because essentially it is unusable from the Five Towns district to access Goole and North Humberside.

WYCA are well aware of our campaign over many years and the rationale which underlies it and they are broadly supportive.

I am writing to express our support for any initiatives made from Goole to improve the service to raise it to a usable level. We agree with the general thrust of the argument that this should consist of an extension of the current Knottingley trains to Goole to provide a standard hourly service.

I would like to assure you that if you feel the need for any support for the business case for such improvement, we will be pleased to help. In the context of the Government’s own stated strategy of improving connectivity across the North it is important that this initiative should succeed.

We wish you well in this endeavour.
Kind regards,
Peter Cookson,


  1. Stuart John Atkinson says:

    Yeah and besides that the frequency of this line is appalling . I only use it to commute to Harrogate and in the evenings I can’t get back to Pontefract between 6pm and 9pm.

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