Pontefract Civic Society hosted a public meeting last Oct, and those who volunteered to take an active part were called back to Pontefract Town Hall in February, to update each other the great strides that have already been made.

Civic Society Vice Chair, Phil Cook said, “we had ideas that this would take off, and it’s been great to see the offers and suggestions coming from across the community, from businesses, individuals, community groups and schools, all of whom want to get on board with this very special event.”

Whilst the finer details of each activity are being worked on by project leaders and event organisers for the period of late May to early June. Pontefract residents and visitors will have some great experiences from concerts, picnics, tea parties, shop decorations, and a special market, to community art workshops and installations.

Michelle’s Flowers owner, Michelle Grainger said, “Excitement is building for the Queen’s Jubilee, the community spirit feels revived, everyone is pulling together, the general feeling from the public is positivity. Everyone’s looking forward to celebrating together as a town.”

If you wish to contribute with plastic bottle bottoms, sweet tubs, bunting, crocheting, and much more, then get in touch with the civic society via email info@pontefractcivicsociety.org.uk or Facebook @PontefractCivic.

Tentative programme

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