How Harry Battye and Eric Houlder identified the site of Pontefract’s eponymous ‘Broken Bridge’

In his book, ‘Ancient Routes Through Pontefract – From Roman Roads to the Broken Bridge’ respected archaeological and photographer Eric Houlder, records the ancient routes through Pontefract from the early dark ages to the medieval period.

Drawing on evidence discovered as a result of archaeological excavations throughout the area, and amply illustrated with maps and full colour photographs throughout, this 36 page publication is a must for anyone with an interest in local history; during 2020, Eric will be updating his book, and once published we’ll have that on sale. Eric speculates on the exact location of the “broken bridge”, after which the town was reputedly named.

Biography: There can be few speakers with Eric’s depth of experience. Having been alternatively professional archaeologist, teacher and archaeological photographer, his adventures include aerial photography with the late Derrick Riley and working as an excavation supervisor at Sutton Hoo for the British Museum. He is an acknowledged authority on the photography of ancient human remains, and an expert on Robin Hood. Eric has worked with many of the household names in British archaeology from the ‘fifties to the present and is on first name terms with people like Tony Robinson and Michael Wood.

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