Our Planning committee met on Monday 12th February to discuss planning applications received in the period 1st Jan 2018 – 8th Feb 2018. The applications discussed and our comments were as follows:

Pontefract Civic Society reviews all planning applications posted on the WMDC planning portal, which meet the following criteria:

  • Applications which concern works on land or buildings within the conservation areas of Pontefract Castle, Pontefract Market Place, The Mount, and Button Park & Friarwood.
  • Applications which concern works on land or buildings within the boundary of Pontefract and the immediate surrounding areas, which may have an impact on local economic sustainability, public wellbeing or associated infrastructures (including highways, healthcare, schools & public transport links).
  • Applications which concern works to listed buildings or buildings on the local list.
  • Applications which concern works on land or buildings considered to have architectural, community or heritage value.

One thought on “Planning Applications: 1st Jan 2018 – 8th Feb 2018

  1. Lynne Holbrook says:

    Land to be built on at both sides of Pontefract Park both on Park road on the previous site of The Parkside inn and on Park lane to what appears to be to the rear of Pontefract golf club. Has anyone attempted to drive into or out of this town lately! Both into and out of town via Park road is absolutly unbearable. At certain times of day more than an hour has to be added to any jouney after exiting the M62 or woth the intention if joining the M62. The Parkside Inn had two previously green belt paddocks to the side of it extending a the way up to Chep. Is this yet more reclassified land being built on and more homes but wirh no increase in facilities ie doctors surgeries or schools! Driving into town via Park lane involves sitting in barely moving traffic actually on Park lane for an hour at normal times of day and up to two hours when New Collage pupils and staff end their working day! More traffic pouring out onto this road is precisely what isnt needed!
    Enterprise house yet more space to be converted into yet more flats
    flats with absolutely no parking available for the amount of vehicles belonging to occupants at present resulting in a shortage of parking for visitors to the town centre as available spaces have to be utilised by occupants!

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