Pontefract Civic Society are proud to be working with Wakefield Council and Wakefield District Housing to draft a ten year plan, identifying areas of Pontefract which are in need of regeneration and ways in which the town’s heritage and culture can be promoted.

“This plan will focus just on Pontefract itself, rather than the wider district. It will look at the town centre and the immediate surrounding areas, including what people see when they arrive in Pontefract by car, bus or train.”

The plan, which is being drafted with input from local residents, businesses, schools and community groups, will set out a vision for what Pontefract needs to look and feel like over the next ten years. Taking events, heritage, culture, tourism and regeneration into consideration, the plan will set out the overall aims and direction for the town, ensuring that future projects and regeneration strengthens this collective vision.

“If we can get the overall aims and direction for the town right, we can then identify projects and bring about improvements for the area. There’s certainly a need for a strong sense of marketing of the town for its heritage and events. There are areas on the periphery of the town centre, such as Southgate and Stuart Road which could be regenerated.”


Have your say…

We will be holding a drop-in session at Pontefract Library on Wednesday 3rd January, 10am – 12noon for people to share their views on what would make Pontefract a better place to live, work and visit. We would welcome your ideas and solutions for how Pontefract could be improved.

Alternatively, you can share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below.

4 thoughts on “Masterplan for Pontefract

  1. David Hogg says:

    No more giant warehouses in inappropriate places. They need to be in built up areas or bellow the horizon, not spoiling main vistas like the Tmax building does.

  2. Steve Kidd says:

    We were promised “intelligent Traffic Lights” I haven’t seen any yet, where are they? 2042 and the technological singularity is on its way but not in Pontefract I guess.
    How about a sign which says “Feck off cyclists” I’m sure our local cycle user group could work in conjunction with WMDC on that one.
    Things you seldom hear “hey Steve, you were right, all along, all the time, we will listen to you in future instead of take actions based upon our own self important misconceptions”

  3. Hannah Davies says:

    Something needs to be done with the large amount of empty, derilict buildings we have in our town centre. For example; counting house, the highwayman, the old hospital and the double story empty building on Southgate.
    Bag hill rail station offers a regular service to York, but not many people know this we should look at making more use of the three rail stations we have at our disposal.

  4. Deborah Hunter says:

    Please can we have trains at appropriate commuter times, to and from Leeds should be a basic route, with enough carriages for everyone to get on, not being forced to wait an hour for the next train after a full
    day at work. The last train back at the weekend should be later than 10pm .
    The racecourse really needs a proper path all the way round. Getting people outside should be a priority, I took a buggy there this weekend and it was a state. The park used to have boats, golf and a good playground. It’s an embarrassment for a town the size of Pontefract

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