On 30th May, 2021, the Decoration Squad were out again, taking down the British Legion display to reuse later and added flags of the world to various buildings with permission of the businesses. On 18th June, the Decoration Squad erected their latest creation in Market Place. It had been planned for the Liquorice Festival, but unfortunately that couldn’t happen, being replaced by “Pontefract Allsorts” and an extended market on Saturday, 3rd July. While we are all disappointed that the Sunday event will not take place, we are pleased that the Saturday market is being extended as a test for future festivities over a full weekend. The Decoration Squad is a number of local community groups, individuals and businesses that come together to celebrate our town and make it a better place to live. We are very grateful to all the public who helped with the bottle collection for this event. Thanks to the staff at the Liquorice Bush for supplying the coffee to the team.

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