Society Members will be aware from our August Newsletter, that on Tues 25 Sept, we will be holding a short EGM followed by an Open Forum, at the Grange, Carleton.

This is as a result of issues which arose through the last two AGMs, and we need to move the Society forward with greater clarity, hence holding an EGM prior to announcing membership Renewals for 2013. If time allows in planning the EGM, the Executive will take the opportunity to propose amendments to the Constitution, with a number of business processes, which most charities follow to aid the smooth running of AGMs and EGMs.

This announcement and an email to members is a formal notice of the meeting. Timescales and paperwork will also be communicated directly to Society members.

On the evening the EGM will be a formal business meeting, followed by a refreshment break, then we’ll move into an Open Forum. The EGM and the Open Forum will be seen as two separate events.

Should members have any queries now, or once you receive further information then please don’t hesitate to ask.

Paul Cartwright DMS MAPM
Pontefract Civic Society