Paul Cartwright

Executive Committee

The Officers and Trustees are elected at the Annual General Meeting to develop the charity and to deliver the civic society strategy, to build relationships with stakeholders, and to manage our performance including recruitment and retention of all categories of membership. Pontefract Civic Society is a member of Civic Voice, the national umbrella lobbying body for the civic movement, and also a member of our region’s networking organisation, the Yorkshire & Humber Association of Civic Societies. Paul Cartwright is a member of the Civic Voice Regional Forum, and a trustee and Executive committee member of YHACS.

Paul Cartwright – Chair
Phil Cook – Vice Chair
Karl Gilbert – Secretary
Ian Wood – Treasurer
Dr Colin White
Peter Taylor
David Hogg

Talks and Tours Group

The Talks and Tours Group organise a varied programme of speakers and excursions throughout the year. Due to Covid-19, our Talks are now online using Zoom and Eventbrite, and excursions are on hold until 2021.

David Hogg – Coordinator
Dr Colin White – Deputy Coordinator
Mike Skidmore
Paul Cartwright
Mollie Garbett
Dr Claire Macdonald 

Citizenship Group

The Citizenship Group is responsible for recruiting members, organising our presence at community events, book sales, engaging with schools and encouraging civic pride, as well as working with volunteers in our Decoration Squad and other community groups.

Phil Cook – Coordinator
Christine Cartwright
Dr Claire Macdonald
Joanne Draper
Carol Trueman
Paul Cartwright 

Heritage Group

The Heritage Group are responsible for promoting an awareness and appreciation of our rich historic past and heritage, through research, guided walks for annual events and visiting groups (not just civic societies), and local history publications. A significant part of this work is Heritage Open Days, each September.

Paul Cartwright – Interim Coordinator
Philip Henfrey
– Heritage Open Days Coordinator 
Phil Cook
Linda Benson-Henfrey

Peter Taylor
Planning Group Coordinator

Planning Group

The Planning Group meet on a monthly basis to review, and comment on, planning applications which fall within our remit for consideration, and also focus on our response to conservation and listed building matters. Peter Taylor was also a member of the Wakefield MDC led Pontefract Townscape Heritage Initiative grants board which ensured over 30 properties benefited from the scheme.

Peter Taylor – Coordinator
Philip Henfrey – Deputy Coordinator
Paul Cartwright 
Christine Cartwright 

Highways Group

The Highways Group meets at intervals throughout the year to consider and campaign for improved road infrastructure, cycle routes and pedestrianisation in Pontefract and the surrounding area. Our discussions and proposals are routinely presented and debated with Wakefield MDC Highways Department.

Anthony Dee – Coordinator
David Hogg – Deputy Coordinator
Derek Vaux – Secretary
Peter Cookson

Rail Group

The Rail Group meet on a monthly basis and is led by rail users and enthusiasts to focus on a better rail deal for those in and around Pontefract, including improved services and infrastructure at our three station (Monkhill, Baghill, and Tanshelf). We lobby Wakefield MDC, West Yorkshire Combined Authority, and train operating companies on behalf of Pontfract and the Five Towns area, and we’re pleased to have helped secure the new footbridge and lifts project at Monkhill. We are members of Railfuture (Y&H).

David Hogg – Coordinator
Peter Cookson
Philip Henfrey
Chris Hyomes
Paul Cartwright
Anthony Dee
Ian Wood
Rosemary Barnes