Our existing members are renewing, so why don’t you come and join us!

We achieved much in 2016 and have exciting plans for the coming year!

The Society relies on its members for income – so the financial support we receive from members paying an annual subscription is extremely important to us.

You can choose how you pay, whether by cash, cheque, or online via the link on our website, which is then processed via Golden Giving. The main thing is that you do take some action. If you wish to pay online, I would urge you to do so by 15th February, 2017, as we may be faced with adding an administrative charge to your subs, which is being imposed by Golden Giving.

As a member, you can either sit back and enjoy our newsletters and updates, turn up and participate in our events and activities as you wish, or get really involved by joining a committee or a project. There is no obligation to commit time or effort, but if you can support us in practical ways then we will be very pleased to hear from you. Here are just a few ways in which you can help, though others are being developed.


Our membership rates for individuals are only £15 per year (£20 for two living at the same address), Business Bronze £40 and Business Silver £75 (if you require an invoice to be raised, please let us know).



It is our intention to add value by inviting businesses to a meeting in the near future, where we can each share relevant information and thoughts to take the society forward, and to support businesses.

For you to participate in our AGM (Thurs 23rd Feb), it is important that all renewals are concluded by then. Any membership which remains unpaid on 28th Feb will lapse (as per our Constitution).

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@pontefractcivicsociety.org.uk